How to Use the App


Acting Outside the Box™ is the perfect companion for every stage of an actor’s career. The app is designed to help trigger your imagination and stimulate creativity for every role.
There are three card categories to help you prepare for a role, an audition, or to use as a daily meditation.
  • The Preparation cards stimulate your imagination and creativity.
  • The Story cards help you connect with the material and access the “human being,” rather than the “actor.”
  • The Expression cards help you stay focused before an audition or meeting.
Select To The Cards on the main page and tap on a category to begin viewing the cards. The forward arrow on every page will take you to the next card. The back arrow will take you back to the previous card.
On each card page, swipe your finger across the screen or tap on the flip icon icon_flip__red_20x20on the bottom right hand corner to go to another card with further explanation. To hear the card read to you, tap on the  icon. If you would like to save the card to your favorites, tap on theicon. If you would like to view the cards that you added to your favorites page, tap onicon. Tap the categories on the top toolbar or the back arrow in the top left hand corner to move to another category of cards.
On your Favorites page, tap on the phrase in the list to view your favorite card. To delete a favorite from your list, swipe the arrow to the right of the phrase and then press the red delete button.
At auditions, on the set, or wherever needed, Acting Outside the Box™ will enhance your performance.




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