How To Use The Cards


Each set contains three effective coaching strategies. Flip through the cards and choose the ones that can best help you in preparing for a role, an audition or as a daily meditation.
Actors and non-actors alike will appreciate the way Acting Outside The Box™ cards spark creative thought and expression. For people on the go, it’s always there when needed.
Acting Outside the Box™ is a winning hand at auditions, on the set, or in any of life’s career “stages.”
In the deck you’ll find three blank cards so that you can personalize the deck to its fullest effectiveness. At auditions, on the set, or wherever needed, Acting Outside the Box™ will enhance your performance.





The preparation cards help connect you with your own natural instincts and access the human being within you, rather than the actor.




The story cards offer cues to exploring the material on an emotional level.




The expression cards encourage you to remain present and accessible in your work and on your feet.